Ultimate Chef Quest UI

I’ve talked a little bit about quest implementation in a previous post about my work at Zynga. For Ultimate Chef it was nice to be able to build a quest system from the ground up. I’ll go into more details about the quest system in a future post, but for this one it will just be focused on the Quest UI.

Quest are a good way to provide players with game content.  It is also a good way to direct players so they become familiar with the gameplay, this can be done by giving them quest task that ask them to carry out the gameplay. Before the player sees the Quest UI they see the Quest Bar on the HUD that allows them to quickly check quest and select the quest icon they want which will open up the Quest UI. If this is a new quest the player has tapped on, a quest intro plays giving the player a little more information and setup to the storyline. Here is the UI in game.